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Canaan Dogs In Obedience
Jenny and Tycho demonstrate heeling.

If you want to know the answer to a question, your best bet is to go to an expert. And so we have. Mr Victor Kaftal (USA) has had the highest-titled obedience Canaan Dogs in the world (to our knowledge). So we asked him to give us a brief intro to the Canaan Dog in obedience.

"I am often asked if Canaans can make good obedience dogs. My reply is both yes and no.

Canaan Dogs are versatile, athletic, and have keen senses. They have no difficulties with the physical requirements of obedience (jumping, scent discrimination, etc.). They are intelligent and hence can learn fast. They have the ability to concentrate and the brains to master even the most advanced obedience exercises.

On the other hand, Canaans have never been bred specifically for working with humans and willingness to please is not one of their strong drives. Thus the main challenge in training and showing them is to give them the proper motivation through the appropriate combination of positives (e.g., treats) and negatives (e.g., corrections) . Novice dogs must be motivated enough to focus reliably on their handler instead of on their surroundings as their keen survival instincts would dictate. Experienced obedience dogs, especially if campaigned extensively, must be motivated enough to overcome the boredom of repeating the same exercises over and over.

Which all means that Canaan Dogs require thoughtful trainers…"


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Last Updated on the 29th December 2001