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Saffra Shebaba
1964 - 1978
Wild Born
Owner: Connie Higgins (UK)
Sire: Unknown; Dam: Unknown


Wild born in Damascus in November 1964, 'Sheba' was brought to England by her first owner, Mrs Power. Through a series of circumstances 'Sheba' came into the possession of Mrs Connie Higgins and was renamed 'Shebaba' because Connie already had a GSD named 'Sheba'.

After a period of time Connie decided to write to The Kennel Club to try and register 'Shebaba' on either the Breed or Obedience Register as an Arabian Desert Dog, but TKC replied that there was no such breed. 'Shebaba' was growing into a very beautiful dog and she drew a lot of attention. Several times people said she remined them of the dogs they saw in the desert during the war. So Connie started writing many, many letters to anybody who might be able to help her on wild dogs in the Middle East. Eventually she rang the Israeli Embassy for help and they advised her to contact a dog sanctuary in Jerusalem.

On the 21st August 1968 Connie finally received a letter from Israel. The sanctuary had forwarded her letter to Prof. Menzel herself! They corresponded and after answering Prof. Menzel's many questions about 'Shebaba' and supplying her with lots of photographs, Prof. Menzel replied saying that if 'Shebaba' were in Israel she would be accepted for registeration and qualified at least "Very Good" and of the "Collie type".

In time Prof. Menzel sent Connie 'Tiron', a black & white Canaan Dog, to breed to 'Shebaba' and a test mating was done. It was on the strength of their progeny, along with letters sent to TKC by Prof. Menzel on 'Shebaba's' behalf, that TKC finally registered 'Tiron', 'Shebaba' and their offspring. In the March 1970 Kennel Gazette there was a notice stating that the Canaan Dog breed had been recognised.

We owe Connie and 'Shebaba' a debt of gratitude for their great contribution to the Canaan Dog in the UK.

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