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November 2002

Arie Yerushalaim Shel Zahav
Breeder/Owner: Inna Blayvas
Whelped November 11, 1999
Sire: Oz Tsipor; Dam: Kineret Mishaar Hagai


"Rick" is out of the first (and to-date only) litter of Canaan Dogs which I have bred. Though you always have high hopes for your puppies, little did I dream what a successful show dog "Rick" would grow up to be. In March of this year, "Rick" became the first Canaan Dog to awarded the Cyprus Championship. Then in October at Tbilisi (Georgia), "Rick" was awarded his 5th CACIB finishing his International Championship, a Georgian Championship and then went on to win the group!

"Rick" has fulfilled my dreams and more, He is a wonderful dog and I love him.

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