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Miss Abigail, age 2, & Jenny
Barbara & Patrick with Naiad, Simba and Athtar
"Miss Abigail" belongs to Jenny D'Urso (USA). She was a Syrian street dog of about 3-4 mos of age when Jenny found her.
Barbara & Patrick Gold (UK) at the CDC Fun Day Fancy Dress competition. "Simba's Pride" is l-r: Naiad (honorary Canaan), Anacan Simba and Anacan Athtar.
"Lavie" male Canaan Dog puppy at 9 weeks old. Israeli import owned by Riikka Turunen, Finland.
Jake & Kayla
"Zak", 3 year old dog residing with owner, Jo, in Wales. "Zak" is a Canaan look-alike.
"Jake", 3 years old (sitting) & "Kayla", 9 mos old (lying down), Canaans owned by Genny Landis, Toronto, Canada.
"Clyde", owned by Bob Sacco, California, USA. "Clyde", like "Zak" is a Canaan look-alike.

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