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(INT) FIN & N & S CH Waltzun Romeo
owned by Riikka & Esko Turunen(Finland)
whelped 22/01/96
By FIN CH, W-93 Noded Me Shaar Hagai out of Hila Me Shaar Hagai

How much longer do I have to stand like this? This is my 'Who me?  I'm innocent' face.
(INT&) FIN L& N & S CH Waltzun Romeo
@ 3-1/2 years of age
Head study of "Rontii"

We bought "Rontti" when he was nearly two years old. He was the top
winning Canaan male in Finland -98. We haven't shown him very often
this year yet still he became an INT CH in March (pending FCI confirmation).
"Rontti" is not a typical Canaan as he is very outgoing and loves people. He
will actually climb onto a stranger's lap to sit! "Rontti" is a proud father of four
wonderful puppies who are now 13-months old.

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