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Spring Lad
Owner: Sheryl Glass (USA)
Breeder: Ilan & Anne Schonewald (UK)
Whelped: October 3, 1993 in England
Sire: Sivan me Shaar Hagai; Dam: Petra Havar Bakar Eliad

English export, Spring Lad Jericho--a head study
"Jericho" taking Reserve Winners Dog at the Sierra Vista Kennel Club show
Photo by Luke Allen
Photo by Sheryl Glass
I acquired Jericho pretty much by accident. He had been a "kennel dog" in another part of Massachusetts. Due to divorce, the owner was disbanding her pack of Canaans. He was somewhat aloof at first, but I discovered several hours after I had gotten him home that the way to his heart was through a grooming brush. He relaxed, leaned into my leg, and let me groom him to my heart's content. From that point on he was a "Velcro dog", never leaving my side for a moment. He wistfully watched as I left for work in the morning, and greeted me with exuberance when I returned at night. Although he had never been inside a house for long periods of time, he adapted immediately. He was scrupulously clean, never bothered the cats, and would find a quiet place to curl up and sleep when he wasn't following me around. One morning I discovered another characteristic -- as he left his sleeping crate, my quiet, laid back fellow flashed me a lovely, full-toothed smile! Jericho has sired some lovely puppies and in this is following in his father's pawprints.

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