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Kensix Khameshee
Owners: Marjorie Cording & Mary MacPhail (England)
Breeder: Myrna Shiboleth (Israel)
Whelped: 29th May 1986 - Died: 7th Feb 2000

Photo by David Cording
Photo by David Cording

The sad decision had to be made to put "Fiver" to sleep on 7th February 2000. He would have been 14 in May of this year and had done a great deal for the breed in the early days of the 'second wave' of Canaans. Marjorie took him to many shows over the years. He was mainly entered in Variety classes as there were few Canaan classes scheduled at the time. "Fiver" was, throughout his life, an excellent ambassador for the breed. He could be, and was, taken anywhere in public domain and could always be relied on to show the best face of Canaans. He was self-contained, yet affable on introduction. He was a good showman and very confident. "Fiver" was a real part of the Cording family and was taken with them on holidays and trips.

We are fortunate that "Fiver's" virtues continue to live on through his daughter, "Jasmine" Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan) and her offspring, Anacan Simba, Anacan Sheindela and Anacan Forever Amber.

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