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CRUFTS, 10th March 2016, Judge: Mr Rob McLeod

It was disappointing for exhibitors to have to wait until 4.30 pm before being judged & even then in another ring due to 2 previous breeds in the original ring still being judged way over their allotted time. The bests of breed were being called to the group collecting ring as we started & the problem could have been avoided. It was an honour to be invited to judge the breed & being a breed specialist who has been awarded BOB at Crufts it was a pleasure to now bestow it.

JD (1) 1 Mills' Anacan Super Samson, sand/red patches. Promising, liked his square shape. Good wedge head, darkest of almond eyes & super pigment. Low earset. Pleasing front, feet OK. Adequate neck & nice depth of chest, needs more body but that should come as he matures. Excellent tailset. Smart movement.

PGD (1) 1 Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh, 3 year old b/w of good overall balance. Good head proportions, nice bite, ears well placed & quite mobile. Nice legs & feet OK. Correct length of well muscled neck. Nice depth of chest & pleasing topline. In good coat, prefer a slightly higher tailset. Nicely muscled quarters. Moved a little close in front. Handler needs to make more of him.

OD (3,1a) Two of good breed type. 1 BD, BOB, Hughes' Anacan Future Legend, this w/r patched lad is almost 10 years old & what an advert for the breed. Ideal make & shape. Masculine head without coarseness, well shaped eye, now a little lighter with age, good pigment & well set ears. Good straight front, nice neck & good body & spring of rib with nice depth. Good coat & texture, moderate angulation & nice tail carriage. Free flowing, pleases fore & aft. Delighted to award him top spot; 2 RBD, Minto's Anacan Issachar, b/w a little taller than 1 but also slightly longer cast. Well proportioned head, nice legs, feet OK. Nice neck, good rib & body, level topline, good tailset & carriage. Good positive mover but not quite the easy action of 1.

JB (1) 1 A.

PGB (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Dark Side Of The Moon, b/w trim. Little too fine all through for me. Feminine wedge head, super ears, correct almond eye. Moderate neck, fair body but needs more depth. Good tailset & carriage. Coat texture could be a little harsher. Moved OK.

OB (6,3) 1 BB, Minto's Anacan  Glory Road, r/w liked her feminine outlook. Well proportioned head, darkest of eyes, good mouth & well set ears. Good legs & best feet of the day. Moderate arched neck, nice depth of chest with desired spring of rib. Level topline, nice tailset & carriage, moderate angulation. Effortless easy action, pleasing both ways; 2 RBB, Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, this cream lady is nearly 11 years old & in tremendous condition, a great credit to her owners. Pleasing head, pigment OK, good eye shape. Good legs & feet OK. In good body with nice rib, in good coat, level topline. Good tailset, moderate angulation. Quite sound movement; 3 Blayvas' Ch Bat Yerushalaim Shel Zahav, r/w of pleasing overall shape & size. Liked her head proportion, eye a little full. Good legs & feet. A little heavier in body, good coat & texture, well carried tail. She disappointed on the move being rather close & crabbing.

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