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British Utility Breeds Association, 5th December 2015, Judge:Mrs Roberta Wright

Always a pleasure to judge this numerically small breed both the owners & the dogs are delightful.

JD(1) 1 Mills' Anacan Super Samson, at 11 months this w/t was quite a handful but when he steadied he showed potential, pleasing head & expression, good overall balance & moved out with a lively gait. RBD.

PGD(1) A.

OD(1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, I have judged this mature b/w male before & at 6 years old he just gets better, excellent head with dark eyes, straight front, firm topline & well muscled quarters & movement is sound both in all directions. Just not in full coat today & he had to bow down to his stylish full sister who took the breed. BD.

JB(1) 1 Minto's Anacan Bring The Dawn, litter sister I see to the JD & so similar in type & balance, on the day she was more together both standing & on the move. Very feminine with an excellent front, body & tailset, good body proportions & moved soundly. RBB & BP

PGB(1) 1 Minto's Anacan Dark Side Of The Moon, a 15 month old black bitch with a pleasing temperament, very well handled to get the best out of her, just needs more time to mature on but everything is there, moved out well.

OB(1) 1 Minto's Anacan Glory Road, a very attractive w/t 4 year old who is full sister to my BD on the day she was unbeatable. Has the most appealing head & expression, excellent front & feet, firm topline & well muscled quarters which showed in her fluid movement, in excellent coat & condition. Pleased to award her BB & BOB


South Wales Kennel Association, 11th October 2015, Judge:Mrs Jane Pardise

My only disappointment was that not more had their tails up on the move, but I do appreciate the temperament of this breed & why that is the case.

J(1) 1 Minto's Anacan Bring The Dawn, such an attractive baby of 7 months. She had excellent bite, dark eyes & rims & black nose. Ears were set correctly, not too high. Straight forelegs, & well laid back shoulders with corresponding rear angulation. Glossy r/w patched coat in tip-top condition. Her movement is a little erratic but when she settles she has a good easy stride. I found her very exciting as a future prospect, once she understands what is required of her on the move. Plenty of time to settle down & more important that she enjoys the experience. BP & pushed hard for RBB but gave way to maturity.

OD(3) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, upstanding male, white with black patches, showing great strength of body, topped by a regal head on a strong neck. He moves so easily around the ring with great reach & propelled by his well muscled rear end. I would be more than happy knowing he was on night-watch. BD; 2 Kaye & Byrne's Nizzana Ganymede, charming young gentleman of 10 years. RBD & the one the judge would like to take home. Showing his age only in wearing of teeth, he is maintained in top condition of fitness & coat condition. Plush cream coat with lighter eye & snow pigment. Love his shape & balance. The only one today who strode around the ring oozing such proud confidence to hold his tail up at all times. Such a fabulous ambassador for the breed; 3 Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh.

OB(3,1a) 1 Minto's Anacan Glory Road, upstanding girl with great ring presence. She carries her head & neck so proudly on the stand, attentively observing all around her. Black pigment. Excellent shape to eyes. White with red patches, coat in great condition. Deep chested with good tuck up. So well muscled. On the move her deportment is faultless. Pleased to award her BB & BOB; 2 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Shalhevet Me Shaar Hagai at Nizzana, solid red in colour with excellent texture coat. Not as confident as 1 on the stand, but she relaxes into her body when moving. Wedge shaped head. She is so nicely constructed & carries the right amount of weight, holding her excellent topline at all times. Dense coat of harsh texture. Her maturity secured her RBB

East of England Championship Show, 11th July 2015, Judge: Mr Tim Ball
AVNSC, so only Canaan Dog critiques shown.

PD (3, 2a) 1 Mill's Anacan Super Samson, 6 months Canaan Dog. Balanced boy of correct size & pleasing type. Well proportioned head with dark almond shaped eye of correct set, excellent earset & good pigmentation. Nice length of neck, level topline & good tail for set & carriage. Soundly constructed & moving freely. More socialisation needed.

PB (2, 1a) 1 Minto's Anacan Bring The Dawn, 6 months Canaan Dog. Promising youngster who scored for her correct type & balance. Attractive, well proportioned head with dark almond shaped eyes & excellent earset. Correct dentition. Neck of good length, level topline, rib developing nicely & good tail carriage. Well laid shoulder, elbows held close to body & nice straight forelegs. Moving true. RBB & BPNSC.

Bath Championship Show, 25th May 2015, Judge: Mr Richard Kinsey

PGD 1 Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh Upstanding 2 year old dog with size and substance all through. Scores in head with correct wedged shape and appealing mid brown eyes that are set well. Powerful forehand, clean shoulders and ample bone supported by tight feet. Enough in his ribbing with good length and shape. Strongest of hindquarters with muscle to spare and some. Just needs to be harnessed on the move to realise his full potential. Shown in correct harsh jacket. RBD

OD 2 good examples of the breed here with varying attributes. 1 Hughes' Anacan Future Legend At 9 years old this boy belies his age as he as fit as the proverbial butchers dog and moves round the ring with style and power never faltering or breaking his stride at any time. Good head to handle being strong yet not overdone in any way with dark almond eyes that have a look of defiance in them that draws you to him. Forehand is from the top drawer with ample bone and cat feet to finish. Deep in chest, well sprung in ribs, solid in topline and level in back. Well defined quarters matched his front exactly which gave him the freedom and fluency in his stride to take the class. Presented in top condition all through from his harsh sand marked jacket to his muscle toning. BD & BOB. Well done 2 Minto's Anacan Issachar Different in style to winner being a bit longer in body but equally as balanced and correct in framework. All male in head with dark well set eyes and full dentition. Another with very correct front assembly that is in harmony with his quarters and as such allowed him to stride out with an even pattern covering the ground effortlessly. I just preferred the more finished look of the winner on the move in profile.

PB 1 Minto's Anacan Dark Side Of The Moon Ultra feminine young lady with everything just where it should be for her age. Head is breaking nicely with correct wedged shape and the darkest of almond eyes. Well placed shoulders and straight forelegs standing on tight feet. Enough ribbing for her age, she will benefit for sure with a year on her to see her develop into a good honest example of the breed. Already has very good toning in her quarters so full credit to her owners for this. Steady and true on the move taking all in her easy stride. One to watch RBB

OB 1 Minto's Anacan Glory Road Another good one from this kennel that is a sound and fluent on the move as any dog can be. Strong in head yet retaining her feminine charm and look. Good length of neck flowing cleanly into well place shoulders and front assembly. Deep well fill chest with ample ribbing. Firm in topline and straight in back. Well defined hindquarters allowed her to drive from the off with an effortless gait. Finished in gleaming white / sand jacket to complete the picture. BB

The National, 8th May 2015, Judge: Mr Keith Nathan

J (3,2a) 1 Minto's Anacan Dark Side of the Moon, 7 months black, outstanding temperament. She is of correct size and balance. Very fluid on the move & absolutely sound. Loved her head & eye. Excellent front & rear angles. A picture. BP

OD (3,1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, most impressive b/w dog. He impressed for size, balance, head, eye & expression. So well put together & standing on correct feet. He made moving look effortless & was spot on in both front & rear. BD & BOB; 2 Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh, sound & stylish b/w dog. Grand head, eye & expression. Well built overall & in good body. He was quite free on the move but just not the extension of the winner. RBD

OB (3) 1 Minto's Anacan Glory Road, this girl has the most beautiful feminine expression from her dark almond eyes & well-placed ears. Balanced in front & rear angles. Correct rib & topline with high set tail. Sound both ways with good freedom.BB; 2 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, just about 10 years old , the owner should be proud, she looks 3 or 4 years old. She has a lovely head & eye with beautiful expression. Sound & free on the move from her correct conformation. She was in good body. A lovely girl. RBB & BV; 3 Kelly's Anacan Raven. V (2,1) 1 Gold's Anacan For Amicitia.

CRUFTS, 8th March 2015, Judge: Mr Chris Quantrill

Thank you to the Committee of this magnificent show and to the exhibitors of this minority breed for supporting me with some lovely Canaan dogs. I apologise to the exhibitors for the delay in getting into our ring due to prior judges over running their allotted time.

Over the years of judging this breed whilst numbers have not increased the standard and quality of the breed has certainly improved and it was really nice for me to see quality dogs of 7 and 8 years of age still being shown. My concerns though are that there are very few young dogs being exhibited. This is a grave worry for the future of the breed at dog shows.

Puppy Dog (1 entry 1 abs)

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Post Graduate Dog (1entry; 0abs)
1st & RBOB Mr MWR Moulding's - ANACAN ABU GHOSH 2.5 year old black and white dog of excellent proportions, having judged this dog when a puppy I was really pleased to see how he has matured. A little more effort in stacking this dog would have presented him in a far better light. Very good masculine head correctly wedge shaped with just enough stop, excellent ear carriage, good clear eyes, and excellent dentition. Good flowing neck to well laid shoulders and nice strong well boned forelegs, nicely up on pasterns and good tight feet. Chest just deep and wide enough to give strong impression to run for as long as necessary. Lovely level top line with nice spring of rib and excellent tuck up. Good strong rear quarters with very good tail set. Moved exceptionally well and pushed hard for top honours. Would really benefit from some additional ring craft.

Open Dog (2 entries 0 abs)
1st & Best Dog, Res BOB Mrs E Minto ANACAN ISSACHAR 5 year old male presented in top condition lovely clear eyes and exceptional coat. Sire of the Reserve Best of Breed and today proved maturity and experience can win the day as the last time I judged these two exceptional males the son beat his father. Lovely square dog with head held proud, this mature male showed just how a mature Canaan could appeal, alert and aloof is how I would describe him but true to the breed standard. Lovely masculine head with well set ears, clear dark almond eyes, very good well shaped ears held correctly, lovely length of flowing neck into well laid shoulders held nice and tight to the body to give excellent straight strong forelegs, good pasterns and nice tight cat feet. Good depth and width of chest, nice spring of rib and excellent top line, very nice tuck up, Straight rear quarters, would prefer a little more muscle to tighten up rear action, tail held well on the move. Well deserved his placing today.

2nd Mrs J Hughes - ANACAN FUTURE LEGEND 8 year old who is in excellent condition all over a real credit to his owner and handler, compact square dog of excellent quality and fitness, I would have preferred him to carry a little less weight but his general fitness for his age was 1st class. A very healthy male in all ways, lovely clear almond eyes, excellent dentition, lovely dark wet nose, good ear carriage and very correct head shape, good reach of neck to excellent shoulders, good bone to forelegs and nice pasterns, feet could be a little tighter, nice depth and width of chest, excellent top line held very well on the move, good strong hind quarters nice tail set. Moved and handled very well.

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1st, Best Bitch & Best of Breed Mrs E Minto - ANACAN GLORY ROAD Beautiful sand on white colouring giving this gracefully moving bitch elegance and poise that caught the eye all the time. At 3 years of age she has matured into a very elegant and graceful bitch of top drawer quality. Superbly correct wedge shaped head, lovely clear dark almond eyes, correct shaped ears held superbly, excellent dentition, lovely shaped neck gracefully leading to first class shoulders and well boned forelegs, excellent pasterns and nice tight cat fee. Good correct depth and width of chest, good spring of rib, lovely level top line held perfectly on the move, beautifully shaped rear quarters with just enough angulation and muscle, moved straight and true both coming and going and held tail in graceful flowing movement. Would really like to see this dog moving freely over a vast expanse as I am sure she would look superb. Excellent and so pleased to give her the Best of Breed. Definitely one of the best Canaan's I have had the privilege to be able to see and judge.

Open Bitch (4 entries;1 abs)
1st & RBB Mrs B A & Mr PK Gold - ANACAN SHOSHANNAH FOR AMICITIA. This 9 year old pure white bitch is still as lovely as the day I first judged her some 8 years or so ago. She does not appear to have aged, she is a credit to her owner and handler as they have come a long way since she was a puppy, still correctly wary but accepts the ring far better now. I have always liked this bitch for her overall quality and squareness, she has a very correct feminine head with beautiful dark almond shaped eyes, excellent ear set, good correct stop and even now excellent dentition. Lovely reach of neck to very well placed shoulders, good strong pasterns and nice tight feet. Lovely width and depth of chest, nice well shaped spring of rib and very nice tuck up , good top line held well on the move, very nice tail set and carried correctly, sound well muscled hind quarters with good angulation, moved very well straight and true.

2nd:: Miss I Blayvas BAT YERUSHALAIM SHEL ZAHAV JWW EW WW 8 year old bitch in exceptional coat, lovely red in colour and superbly dense in texture on the outer coat, close and profuse under coat. I liked this bitch very much for her squareness and excellent breed type, excellent head with very clear dark eyes, good ear carriage and lovely dentition, very nice shaped neck into well laid shoulders, good well boned forelegs, would have preferred stronger pasterns and feet, very good depth and width of chest, good top line and very nicely shaped ribs, fair tuck up, good tail set and carried well, good well muscled hind quarters, moved away a little loosely but still a very nice bitch for her age.


Good Citizen Bitch (0 Entries)

Manchester, 16th January 2015, Judge: Mr Ernie M Paterson

JD (1) A. PGD (0)

OD (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, clean outline & handles well. Liked his head & expression, good earset, nice for bone & feet, excellent mover. BD & BOB.

JB (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Divina Divine, not as settled so difficult to assess but good head & body. Strong quarters & when settled showed great movement.

PGB (2, 1a) 1 Minto's Anacan Glory Road, lovely head & eye, enough bone & good feet, strong topline & quarters, steady action. BB

OB (2,1) 1 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia, 9 years old so carrying a bit of weight but handles well & moved out with purpose. RBB

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