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British Utility Breeds Association, 6th December 2014, Judge: MrPeter Jolley

JD & PGD (0).

OD (2,1a) Minto's Anacan Issachar, stood alone but a very good representative of this old breed. So well balanced with good head of correct shape, very good dentition, clean clear eyes, so well set. Well positioned ears. He has excellent bone throughout & excels in tone. Moves with such flowing action. BD & BOB.

JB(1) A.

PGB (1) Minto's Anacan Glory Road, 3 years old girl so well put together. Very typey and moves well. BB

OB (2,1) 1 Minto's Chancos Charmani At Anacan (Imp Swe), 6-1/2 years old, very nice to go over, she has done this so many times, she knows exactly what to do. Moves very well. RBB

Darlington, 12th September 2014, Judge: Mrs Roberta Wright

J (2) 1 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Iyar De Solemel, at 10 months she is well grown & makes a pleasing picture in profile. Feminine head with dark well shaped eyes straight front & well muscled quarters steady on the move. RBB & BP; 2 Minto's Anacan Divina Divine, a pretty youngster just turned 12 months, balanced & sound on the move, when settled just didn't have her mind on the job today. OD (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, this 5 year old is a super example of the breed, quietly confidant & so sound he knows he is the best & displayed it with his excellent construction & easy fluid movement & he has that all important ring presence. BD & BOB.

OB (3) 1 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, difficult to believe this girl is 9 years old, she was shown in excellent condition & moved easily round the ring. Feminine head with lovely expression, firm topline & well muscled, she has super overall balance, not surprised to see she is from the same kennel as my BOB. BB & BV; 2 Hastings, Byrne, Barclay & Kaye's Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, again a nice example of the breed with very pleasing head, firm body & well muscled, not as confident on the move as my winner but the ring was not very even in places which did affect some of the dogs on the day; 3 Minto' Anacan Morning Glory.

The Welsh Kennel Club, 17th August 2014, Judge: Mr Tom Mather

This gentle natural breed was unlucky to be allocated an indoor ring as the tannoy seemed to be positioned over our ring and all the exhibits objected to it.

JD/B (2 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Kaye, Mr I & Byrne, Miss A & Barclay Miss, A Iyar De Solemel (Imp). Feminine with lovely expression, dark almond eye and good pigmentation. Good balance and presents a pleasing outline when standing. Good depth of chest and fair rib. Moved soundly. Reserve Best Bitch.
2nd: Minto Mrs E M, Anacan Divina Divine. Another young bitch with a pleasing head, very typey and well balanced with good legs and feet. Not quite as free moving as the winner.

PGD/B (1 Entries) Abs: 0
1st: Hastings, Byrne, Barclay & Kaye, Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna. Best Bitch. Typical with a good head, dark almond eye and good pigmentation. Well laid shoulders, well sprung rib and looks most attractive on the move where she has an easy fluid gait.

OD (2 Entries) Abs: 1
1st: Minto Mrs E M ,Anacan Issachar. Good skull with dark almond shaped eye and good pigment. Good forehand with lovely feet, well ribbed and some tuck up. Moved well when settled and standing presents a most pleasing outline. Best Dog & BOB. 2nd: Moulding Mr M W R, Anacan Abu Ghosh. Well made and soundly constructed with a decent head, just fractionally lighter in eye than the winner. Moved easily with a light energetic trot. Reserve Best Dog.

Paignton & District, 5th August 2014, Judge: Mr J Horswell

J (2) 1 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Iyar De Solemel, correct proportions. She has a feminine head. Well set ears. Dark eyes. Correct neck. Good legs & feet. Still a bit loose in elbow but otherwise a very good mover. Dense coat. Needs a bit more confidence. BB; 2 Minto's Anacan Divina Divine, she also needs more confidence, but is a fairly good mover. Feminine head. Lengthy neck. Slightly slack in topline. Well muscled & strong rear.

OD (2) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, well balanced dog. Preferred his topline of these 2. Masculine head, correct neck. Well laid shoulder. Good return upper arm. Well ribbed. Has a very easy profile action & accurate out & back. Nice thick coat. BD & BOB; 2 Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh, slightly heavy in skull. Lengthy neck with a good front. Slightly slack in topline & steep in croup. Fairly strong rear. RBD.

OB (2,1a) 1 Hasting, Byrne, Barclay & Kaye's Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, very easy profile action but could be tidier out & back. Liked her head, well set ears. Eye colour matches her body. Could be tighter in front with better feet. Well ribbed. Strong rear, really well muscled. RBB.

Bath Championship Show, 26th May 2014, Judge: Ms E Haapaniemi (Finland)

I have previously judged Canaan Dogs in England many years ago, probably at Southern Counties. So nice to judge the breed again & good to know that the breed continues to do well in the UK.

PD (0).

PGD (1) 1 Moulding's Anacan Abu Ghosh, b/w young male, still very immature. Typical temperament, could be handled, but would benefit from more experienced handling. Has the right shape & is of correct type. Very nice head, medium eye. Typical bone. Could be handled to better advantage on the move. RBD.

OD (2)
1 Hughes' Anacan Future Legend, 8 years male, white with beige markings, calm & aloof. Male of excellent type, very correct proportions. Shown in excellent condition. Very beautiful head. Not in his best jacket. Moved very well indeed. BD & BOB; 2 Minto's Anacan Issachar, white with black markings & some ticking. A shade long cast. Also has a very lovely head. Excellent dry bone. A shorter loin would help his overall appearance.

PB (2) 1 Minto's Anacan Divina Divine, 9 months female, white with beige markings. Typical temperament, could be handled. Very nice head, eye & expression. Nice dry bone. Very pleasing on the move. BP & RBB; 2 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Iyar De Solemel, just 6 months baby, shown a tad plump. Strong head, good bone. A little soft in topline & tends to stand high in the rear at the moment. Needs more training to show off her movement.

PGB (1) 1 Hasting, Byrne, Barclay & Kaye's Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, suffering from a phantom pregnancy. Strong female head. Also has very good, typical bone. Moved well.

OB (1) 1 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, 9 years light sand coloured female. Very nice type, acceptable length of body for a female. Very lovely head, medium eye. Typical bone. Excellent mover for her age. BB.

Scottish Kennel Club, 18th May 2014, Judge: Mrs Margarette Mulholland

Jun D or B (2)
1 Minto's Anacan Divina Divine, Gold & white baby, grand wedge shaped skull, dark almond shaped eyes, correctly placed, deep chest, feet could be better but on the move she is just so sound and typical in her gait. Light and free. Best Bitch & Best Puppy.
2 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Iyar De Solemel (Imp Fr)(TAF), Just 6 months old and giving a lot away, has great breed type and just needs time to gain confidence and learn what it's all about.

Post Grad D or B (1)
1 Hastings, Kaye & Bryne's Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, attractive gold bitch of good size and substance, loved her head and eye, good deep rib and level topline, not to settled on the move today.

Open D or B (2)
1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, really impressive black & white male, all dog , so much presence, he just loves it. He fills the eye anyway you look at him,and talking of eyes his are magnificent, well-shaped and placed and so dark, his overall pigment is excellent. His head is masculine and text book Standard. Deep rib and strong loin, so well muscled all through, moved with great reach and drive, steady and confident, light and free, delighted to award him Best Dog and BOB.
2 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Chaniah De Solemel Avec Nizzana ( Imp Fr), Brown & white bitch of very good breed type, just right for size with a lovely feminine head and wonderful dark eyes and great expression. Sound in body and moved well, was very unlucky to meet winner today.

THE NATIONAL, 8th May 2014, Judge: Mr Ron Menaker

J (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Divina Divine, a lovely young & good size bitch with nice breed type & a very feminine expression. Good wedge shaped head . Correct dark almond shaped eye with dark rims. Would prefer darker nose pigment. Erect ears with broad base. Main body colour white with pale red patches. She moved with a brisk energetic trot. BB & BP.

OD (2,1a) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, a good size masculine dog with pleasing wedge shape head. Correct shape, dark eyes. Black mask covering the eyes with a broad white blaze. White base body colour with black patching & ticking. Would prefer a slightly more square shaped body & higher tailset with better carriage. Good profile movement with an energetic trot. Overall a very nice dog. BD & BOB.

OB (4,1) 1 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, excellent breed type with good bone & substance & outline. Very feminine bitch, well balanced angulations rear & fore. Good square shape body. Correct wedge shaped head with nice dark almond shaped eye. Medium sized ears with rounded tip. Correct harsh outer coat with profuse undercoat. A pale sand body coat colour. Holds most of the breeds hallmarks Moved soundly with a n energetic trot in all directions. Would love to have seen her more confident in the ring. She tolerated me going over her with a large degree of distrust. RBB; 2 Kaye, Bryne & Barclay's Chaniah De Solemel avec Nizzana, very pretty feminine bitch in good coat of white base colour with attractive red patching & heavy red ticking throughout. A very feminine bitch. Good wedge shape head. Correct dark & almond shape eyes with dark rims. Dark nose pigment. Medium ears, set low. Good length of body to height ratio with a nice outline; 3 Minto's Anacan Happy Anni.

CRUFTS, 8th March 2014, Judge: Mrs Christine Owen

I would like to thank the committee of Crufts for asking me to judge Canaan Dogs & Mrs E M Minto as most of the dogs entered were from or bred by the Anacan kennels thank you & thank you to the other exhibitors that entered.

JD (0)

PGD (2) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, a lovely b/w dog. An overall correctly constructed dog. Masculine face. Deep chest straight front & back legs nicely angulated rear moved well. RBD; 2 Crowfoot's Kessem Yanis Orly to Khandikhaine, another dog typical of the breed. Square body, straight front, chest to elbow. Good rear angulations hocks well let down.

OD (2) 1 Hughes' Anacan Future Legend, the dog typifies the Standard standing & moving. An overall well balanced dog that moved naturally & handled well. Well proportioned head & neck. Muscular well arched neck. Straight front, with good heart room, good depth of chest. Hindquarters muscular, hocks well let down tailset correct catlike feet. Was please to award him BD & BOB; 2 Minto's Am Ch Ha'aretz Hayyim for Anacan, a lovely mostly black dog fitted the Standard except in profile thought he was a touch long in body. Lovely wedge shaped head, straight front nicely angulated rear. Moved well.

JB (1) 1 Hastings, Kaye & Byrne's Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, this was a young bitch with a lovely outline, feminine face, sweet expression, dark eyes & nose, square body, again lovely straight front with good chest room, just needs to settle down.

PGB (3,1a) 1 Minto's Anacan Morning Glory, this was a pretty faced feminine bitch, nice square body everything in proportion. Nice head with laid back shoulders. Moved & handled well. RBB; 2 Minto's Gam Yafa Gam Hakhama Me Yerushalaim, again another dog who fitted the Standard. Lovely square body, Good lay of shoulders, nice dark eye moved well.

OB (3) 1 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Chaniah De Solemel avec Nizzana, this was a hard class to judge three lovely bitches who met the Standard. I was looking for type. Femininity. Movement as they would in their native Israel with catlike feet to fit the terrain they work in. This bitch ticked all the boxes & I awarded her BB; 2 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, again another nice bitch that ticked all the boxes but preferred the winner of the class on the day; 3 Minto's Anacan Happy Anni, although as I have said another nice overall bitch who didn't settle because of her surroundings.

MANCHESTER CH SHOW, 17th January 2014, Judge: Mrs Stella Coombes

I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge, also to thank the exhibitors for their entries. I have had a great interest in these vigilant, confident, yet sometimes aloof dogs, with a character all of their own for a long time. They all have good dentition; they always look in superb condition. These are dogs that have not been messed about by us humans, may they stay that way. They are also very loyal to their owners.

JD & PGD (0)

OD (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, 'reminds me of a Pinto horse' very handsome, masculine b/w boy, correctly proportioned head, low set broad based ears, dark almond eyes, strong jaw, med length well muscled neck onto well laid muscular shoulders with close fitting elbows, front legs well boned & straight with slight slope to pasterns, deep broad chest, well defined withers on a square, firm body with good spring of rib, firm level topline, muscular loin, good tuck-up, correct tailset, broad & powerful muscular thighs with good turn of hock, stands naturally straight. Good bone, strong catlike feet with hard pads, his movement is energetic but truly natural. BOB.

JB (1) 1 Hasting, Byrne, Barclay & Kaye's Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, feminine, agile & confident young lady, well proportioned feminine head, dark almond eyes, broad based low set ears on a flat skull, strong jaw with med length well arched muscular neck onto well laid muscled shoulders, straight in front with well defined withers, good spring of rib, deep broad chest, square firm body with level topline, good loin onto correct tailset, muscular thighs, well let down hocks, straight stance from behind, catlike feet with hard pads, her movement is straight, agile, free & natural. BB.

PGB (2) 1 Minto's Anacan Morning Glory, medium size, feminine bitch of 27 months, well proportioned head with dark almond eyes, good earset, flat skull, good length of muscular neck onto well laid muscled shoulders with neat fitting elbows, go depth chest onto firm square body with good rib, firm topline, good tailset, muscular thighs, hocks well let down, good bone, catlike feet, straight natural movement fore & aft; 2 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, lovely bitch with good wedge head with dark almond eyes, good earset, strong neck onto well laid muscle shoulders, square firm body, deep chest, good topline, well let down hocks, good bone, straight movement free & easy.

OB (3) 1 Minto's Anacan Happy Anni, 'she certainly is' beautiful bitch, just over 3 years, lovely well proportioned wedge head with flat skull, dark almond eyes, broad based low set ears, well arched well muscled med length neck onto well laid muscular shoulders with tight elbows, legs straight with slight slope to pasterns, to square fit firm body with good spring of rib, well developed withers firm topline, muscular loins, good tuck-up, good tailset, broad muscular thighs onto well let down hocks, straight in stance from rear, good bone with tight catlike feet with hard pads. Her movement is very energetic, when she settles she has a lovely natural straight gait. I will be watching her in the near future when she settles. She pushed the BB, very hard. RBB; 2 A Shoshannah for A; 3 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Shalhevet Me Shaar Hagai at Nizzana.

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