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DARLINGTON CH SHOW, 16th September 2011


I was happy to have such a lovely entry of Canaans. Although there are still variations in type, I find the breed much more unified in type than the last time I saw them here in England, and improving in quality. Some of the dogs were really excellent and could compete anywhere. There is an improvement in topline and movement. Temperaments are also overall much improved, though a number of the dogs would benefit from more ring experience and better handling. I hope the breeders here continue in this direction.

VD/B (4 2) 1st Minto, Mrs E. M., Anacan Sheez The One, B. Good size and bone. Correct body proportions and angulation. Moves very well. Tail a bit low set and should be carried higher. Nice head but a bit too chiseled under the eye. BV
2nd Powley Miss C., Sheleg Harishon at Danehaven D. Strong dog, a bit too strong in head, skull and muzzle and too broad in body. Topline a bit soft when moving. Correct shape. Tail should be set and carried higher.

PD/B (2 1) 1st Kelly Miss J., Anacan Raven. Refined bitch of correct proportions, good angulation, correct body length, good neck. Nice dark eyes. Moves well. Would prefer a bit more size, bone and substance. Needs more ring experience, does not show herself to her best advantage.

JD/B (1 0) 1st Minto Mrs. E.M., Anacan Happy Anni. Excellent type of good size, substance and correct body proportions. Athletic. Nice head and expression, lovely eye. Body still developing but correct angulation and proportions. Moves very well, a bit close behind. Excellent tail set and carriage. Excellent temperament. BB & BP

PGD (4 0) 1st Terry Mr. and Mrs. I., Babrees French Resistance. Excellent size and proportions, good bone. Nice dark eye and good expression. Moves very well. Good short back and compact body, but topline slightly soft. Needs to show himself better and carry his tail higher. BD & BOB
2nd Minto Mrs. E. M., Anacan Issachar. Excellent size and bone, just needs some time to mature. Well shaped head, excellent neck and body proportions, correct angulation. Elegant. Moves very well. Tail a bit low set and needs to carry it higher. Needs to be handled better. RBD
3rd Shukla Miss N. and Crowfoot Mr. R.J., Kessem Yanis Orly To Khandikhalne.
Reserve - Powley Miss C, Danehaven Xtra

OD (3 0) 1st Hastings Miss L., AKC Ir Ch Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star Re (Imp) - Excellent size and bone, correct proportions. Very strong head. Good angulation and length of body. A bit overweight. Moves well with strong topline.
2nd Hughes Mrs. J., Anacan Future Legend. Medium size dog, well proportioned, skull a bit strong. Topline a bit soft. Moves well.
3rd Mr I Kaye & Miss A Byrne, Nizzana Ganymede

PGB (5 3) 1stGold, Mr. and Mrs. P.K., Anacan Shoshannah for Amicita. Excellent type, good proportions. Nice head and expression. Moves well. Tail a bit low set and should be carried higher. RBB
2nd Powley Miss C., Anacan Maid For Glory at Danehaven. Good size and bone but too broad in chest and rather overweight. Needs better front angulation. Soft topline. Eyes should be darker.

OB (3 0) 1st Gold, Mr. and Mrs. P.K., Anacan Shoshannah for Amicita (from previous class)
2nd Kaye, Mr I & Byrne, Miss A & Barclay Miss A, Chaniah de Solemel Avec Nizzana (Imp). Excellent proportions. Good angulation, topline a bit soft when moving, could have better tail set and carriage. Elegant, could have a bit more bone. Lovely dark eye.
3rd Powley Miss C & Mrs E M Minto, Anacan Sheer Elegance

Myrna Shiboleth (judge)

BATH CH SHOW, 30th May 2011


OD (1) 1 BOB, Hastings' Ir/Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star, lovely dog, correct proportions & type, erect low set ears & high tail carriage typifies the breed, nicely made, still has good legs & feet, excellent body, really dense harsh coat, really top quality Canaan, pleased to have him.

PB (2) 1 BP, RBB, O'Loughlin's Raaya Chava Me Shaar Hagai via Caoilta, good type, very hard & fit. Would prefer more almond shaped eye & for her to carry tail up but she will no doubt gain confidence as she gets more practice. Very nice bitch, good legs & feet; 2 O'Grady's Nizzana Fairey Firefly, carries tail better than 1 but not her bone & maturity of body, little forward in shoulders & needs more coat. Reasonable movement.

PGB (2) 1 Powley's Anacan Maid For Glory at Danehaven, good size & has lovely quarters. Could carry tail up more & use ears. Enough bone, good thick coat. Eyes a little rounded; 2 Collins' Danehaven Ashkezar, bit too nervous, not using ears or tail, coat dirty. Sound & moves well, good strong muzzle & depth of chest.

OB (3) 1 BB, Powley's Anacan Sheer Elegance, nice type, liked her head, eyes & low set erect ears, good sound construction, really hard & well developed quarters. Would like her to carry tail up but stood firm to be handled. Excellent coat; 2 Coombes & Hastings' Lorianna I Will Survive, lighter frame all through, pleasing head & personality, carries herself nicely. Would like more bone & little thicker coat but it is summer! Moves out well in profile but too narrow through front & rear.

Zena Thorn-Andrews (judge)



Thank you for entering. It was a long wait for you & the conditions not good.

PG (3) 1 Powley's Anacan Maid For Glory at Danehaven, excellent head properties, wedge shaped, good expression, low set ears of medium size, square body with desired strength, more positive on the move than 2. BB; 2 Collins' Danehaven Ashkezar, size smaller than 1 & a little overawed by the conditions & who can blame her. Liked her body properties, good shoulders, bone & feet, moved well when settled.

O (4) 1 Hastings' Int/Am/Lux/Ir/Slo Ch Lorianna Sirius Star, upstanding male, lovely head & eye, scores for balance & temperament. Excellent front, good bone & shoulders, powerful hindquarters used well, very good on the move. BOB; 2 Powley & Minto's Anacan Sheer Elegance, not as outgoing as 1 but liked her head & eye, good neck & shoulders, firm topline, good tailset, powerful quarters, steady mover.RBB.

Ernie M Patterson (judge)



J (2) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, well grown b/w, masculine head with strength in muzzle & tight lips. Well placed ears, strong neck without dewlap, well laid shoulder, tight elbows, excellent tight well padded feet. A bit shy of his bushy tail but gaited well. BOB; 2 O'Grady's Nizzana Fairey Firefly, very nice sandy bitch, desert type who looked good on the move with bushy tail held high. Balanced feminine head with tight lips & low set, well shaped ears. Square body with good tuck-up, feet not so firm as 1. BP & RBB

OB 1 Minto's Anacan Glory Bea, Sand/w square & feminine. Low set, erect ears, tight lips. Straight legs, firm feet & pasterns, depth of chest, well ribbed up, good tuck-up, strength at rear. BB; 2 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, low set, round tipped & erect ears. Slightly heavy in lip, excellent neck & shoulder, good rear muscling & bushy tail; 3 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Chaniah De Solemel avec Nizzana.

Judith Robin-Smith (judge)

CRUFTS, 13th March 2011


Thank you for your patience in waiting for the ring to become available. Type remains quite varied but most were pretty steady when it came to being handled. Couple were between coats but texture still satisfactory. It is a job to know if this was a truly representative entry but several were middle aged & beyond leaving me to wonder where the future lies.

JD (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, upstanding b/w of very good type with excellent balance, masculine yet clean head of correct proportions, ears set wide & used to advantage, moderate stop with dark eyes of good shape, decent front assembly down to tight feet, arch to neck, depth to brisket, ribcage developing, firm topline & loin, tailset & carried high, impressive reachy mover, still has some way to go with his maturing & this was more apparent in the challenge for best male, his day will come, steady attitude.

PGD (4,1a) 1 Anacan Issachar; 2 Terry's Babrees French Resistance, sand dog who has a very compact outline & clean head, broad skull almost flat, ears set low, scored here in eye giving expression more appeal, shoulders well laid & forelimbs straight down to tight feet, ribs well sprung & topline firm, definite tuck-up, good tailset & carriage, reasonable rear definition. Can slightly over-reach in profile if not checked; 3 Crowfoot & Shukla's Kessem Yanis Orly to Khandikhaine, very similar in many respects with a decent head & good pigmentation. Just enough spring to ribs. Level topline, well muscled hindquarters, willing mover.

OD (3) 1 Hastings' Int/Am/Lux/Ir/Slo Ch Lorianna Sirius Star, felt the first two in this class were very close up & took some separating, mature & very masculine in a square frame, proportioned head with ears set low, kind eye, muzzle filled under the eye to complete neat wedge, broad chest with ribs very well sprung & carrying enough bodyweight, gentle bend to stifle & hocks set low, very steady ground covering action. BOB; 2 O'Loughlins Babrees Desert Orchid via Caolita, surprised to find they are not closely related for both carry many of the same attributes, when it came to the crunch I just felt 1 scored marginally in expression & layback to shoulder. RBD; 3 Hughes' Anacan Future Legend, balanced r/w of a more streamlined type, so well balanced, clean wedgy head, decent front & feet, arch to neck, level topline with tailset high, very reachy mover in hard muscular condition.

JB (1) 1 Leader's Anacan Yesmina, upstanding b/w, well grown & feminine with just enough substance, balanced head, broad skull with moderate stop & super eyes of good shape, arch to neck, elbows held firm with straight forelimbs, ribcage deep & carried well back, good topline & tailset, definition to hindquarters, sound mover who just needs a bit more practice in ring procedure.

PGB (3) 1 Collins' Danehaven Ashkezar, w/sand, square & moderate throughout, liked her outline & head with its broad skull, moderate stop & darker eyes, decent front, just enough neck, well ribbed up, good topline & tail carriage, comes into her own in profile action. RBB; 2 Powley's Anacan Maid For Glory at Danehaven, sand with more substance but not quite the appeal of 1 in expression, balanced head, well ribbed & level topline, firm loin & definite waistline, definition to rear, steady mover; 3 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Chefa de Solemel, r/w, more slightly built & needing to settle a bit more to the job in hand, well placed lovely dark eye of good shape, firm topline with defined tuck-up & definition to quarters, reachy mover.

OB (5) 1 Minto's Anacan Glory Bea, w/sand of handy size & substance yet retaining femininity, scored in eye, balance & outline, broad skull, moderate stop, arch to neck, straight forelimbs, tight feet, well ribbed up & bodied with defined tuck-up, broad chest, good topline & tail carriage. Not the most animated mover but true enough from each direction. BB; 2 Powley & Minto's Anacan Sheer Elegance, free moving sand with strength to head, straight forelimbs, broad front with ribs well sprung, level topline & good tail carriage, easy mover; 3 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Chaniah de Solemel avec Nizzana, ultra feminine r/w with excellent balance, appeals for eyes, well ribbed, firm topline, high tailset & well muscled rear, reachy mover.


MANCHESTER CH SHOW, 21st January 2011


A numerically small breed, but one of the soundest in movement, unspoilt by the variances of overbreeding that affects so many other breeds.

JD (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, b/w of good size with excellent body proportions, head is clean with good length of muzzle, dark eyes & well placed ears, muscular neck leading into good lay of shoulders, straight front, tight feet, firm body with good tuck-up & moved out soundly with an easy gait & well carried tail. BOB.

PGD (1) 1 Shukla & Crowfoot's Kessem Yanis Orly to Khandikhaine, a bit lighter in body, but well balanced overall. Pleasing head, good front & angulation when settled, moved OK.

OD (1) 1 Hughes' Anacan Future Legend, r/w dog of a lovely type, wedge head, dark eyes, strong neck, straight front & tight feet which would have benefitted from a manicure, moved out well. RBD.

JB (2,1a) 1 O'Grady's Nizzana Fairey Firefly, 6 months, this r/w youngster was unsettled at first, but her handler worked hard & she presented a pleasing picture. Feminine head, sweet expression, excellent body & moved out well when she got into her stride. RBB & BP.

PGB & OB (1) 1 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, loved this smart 5 years, so feminine with a melting expression, super head, dark eyes, well-muscled neck, straight front & firm body, excellent angulation & condition, came into her own on the move with an unexaggerated fluid movement in the challenge. Just beaten by the male who gave that little bit more. BB.


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