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BUBA CH SHOW, 4th December 2010


JD (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, just what I look for in size, style & build. Upstanding 12 months b/w, masculine outlook, good head, strong jaw, correct bite, correct pigment, good front & feet, firm rearquarters sufficiently angulated, hard body condition, excellent coat texture, movement light but strong with an easy side gait, tail carried well. Would like a better brush. BOB.

PGD (2,1a) 1 Crowfoot & Shukla's Kessem Yanis Orly to Khandikhaine, sand of pleasing temperament & in good coat with lovely brush. Unfortunately he began badly by pacing around the ring which was not corrected by his handler. He must be encouraged to a better stance position & to use his ears.

OD (2,1) 1 Hughes' Anacan Future Legend, masculine, squarish w/r, good head & expression, dark eye, good bite, straight front. Nails could be shorter. Strong through his body, in harsh coat, confident stacked & moving where he maintained a level topline. RBD.

PGB (5,4) 1 Minto's Chancos Charmani at Anacan, s/w, smaller than my personal preference but well within the Standard. Feminine head, dark almond shaped eye & good bite. Her pigment was off a little & she was reluctant to use her ears. As all this exhibitor's entry today she was in exemplary muscle condition & harsh coat. RBB.

OB (3,2) 1 Minto's Anacan Glory Bea, handsome bitch whose outline was more to my liking having that extra length of leg which also came into play on the move where she ate up the ring. Straight front, good rib, firm quarters. Would like a little more turn of stifle. BB.

Jan McLeod (judge)

DARLINGTON CH SHOW, 17th September 2010


P (1) 1 Minto's Anacan Issachar, 9 months b/w dog full of confidence, lovely head with good ear placement, giving a super expression, nice dark eye, super reach of neck & level topline, well balanced & moved effortlessly. Surely one for the future when he matures. RBD & BP.

OD (3) 1 Hastings' AKC/Ir Ch/Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star, 7 years sandy dog with excellent masculine head proportions & good ears when used. Super front, good neck into excellent spring of rib & well boned, stood square & moved easily, holding his topline; 2 Minto's AM Ch Ha''Aretz Hayyim for Anacan, b/w dog with nice head & super ears, straight front, well bodied with nice arch of neck & good topline, moved well. Just a shade longer cast than 1.

PGB (3,2a) 1 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, impressive 5 years sandy bitch with true front & lovely feminine head, ample substance & very well balanced, standing square. Very wary when being handled, which can be a characteristic of this breed, but confident on the move. BB.

OB (4,2) 1 Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia; 2 Minto's Anacan Sheeza Gem, pleasing head, good ears & eye, nice front, short coupled, good coat texture, moved well. Lost out to 1 on reach of neck. RBB.




PD 1 Anacan Issachar, 11 months black patterned, well grown & now needs to drop in body. Well angulated, can firm up in pasterns & feet. Good skull, ears & beautiful eyes. Tail set a little low & carriage could be better. Good stride on the move. BD amp; BP.

PGB & OB 1 Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia, desert coloured bitch, excellent size, squarely built, good conformation & high tailset, good skull & ear set, good coat, moved soundly. Needs more confidence. Won BOB on balance, tailset & maturity.

FRANK KANE (judge)

MANCHESTER CH SHOW, 22nd January 2010


This is a breed I live with, exhibit & breed the occasional litter of. There was a nice entry of this numerically small breed. There were three mixed sex classes with an entry of 11, (2 absent) dictating that I was only allowed to award a BOB, RBOB & BP (though no puppies were present). Generally the temperament shown was relatively typical of what we are seeing in the breed as it stands today in the UK with some showing little steadiness to owners. It was clearly evident that some exhibits were simply not settled in the show ring environment. Apart from the divergence in type & outline, attention needs to be paid to the lack of square body. Feet should be strong, round & catlike with hard pads there was little evidence of this in some exhibits today; also a distinct lack of black eye rim pigment, harsh coat texture & lack of broad muscular thigh. Tail carriage was disappointing & a few did not have the required high set tail. Breeders need to address these issues & do their utmost to improve upon these attributes as well as maintaining good movement. This is a breed that needs to display ability for survival in the harsh extreme climate from where they originate, their function is as a protector of the flocks in the desert. I found what I was looking for in my BOB & RBOB, both excellent dogs, the result could easily have been reversed on another day.

PG(2) 1 Byrne's Chefa De Solemel, an alert & very attractive red with white markings & minimal ticking, a very feminine bitch, good outline, belly well tucked-up, good body proportions with depth of chest & spring of rib relative to age, wedge head of correct medium proportion, low set erect ears, broad at base, darkest of eye, black nose & lip pigment, front legs parallel, pasterns slightly slopping, straight harsh outer coat, energetic trot on the move around the ring, presented in good condition; 2 Powley's Anacan Made For Glory at Danehaven, another very feminine bitch of sand colour, lovely type, well proportioned head, well placed broad base ear & pleasing almond shaped eye, scissor bite, tight lips, balanced angulation. Sadly carrying too much weight for her size & substance, this affected her outline, topline & underline. Good action around the ring.

O(7) 1 O'Loughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid via Caoilta, strong masculine dog with correct square outline, proper medium size, substance & proportions, neck well set on, defined withers, maintained a level topline statically & kinetically, well sprung rib, ample depth & breadth of chest, correct harsh straight very dense outer coat with profuse undercoat of sand colour, best jacket of the day, good blunt wedge shaped head with correct flat top skull, shallow stop with appropriate definition, pleasing dark eye with dark rims, good dark lip & nose pigment, correctly placed ear with rounded tip & protective hair inside broad base of ear, tail set on high. Would have preferred better carriage. Alert to his environment, gaited energetically around the ring, although a little distracted at times. Exceptionally well presented in good condition & handled to advantage. BOB; 2 McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline, another excellent quality very mature male, well balanced sand coloured dog of correct square outline, given his condition & appearance it is hard to imagine he is nearly 10 years old, overall excellent in type, blunt wedge shaped head, proportionate & in balance with body, attractive almond shaped medium brown eye, obliquely set, good spring of rib with moderate breadth & depth of chest, well laid shoulder complemented by proportionate rearquarters, broad depth of thigh, legs straight when viewed respectively, sound action, going, coming & in profile, though could have been a little more energetic. Would have preferred better tail carriage to complete this lovely picture. Calm handler who presented exhibit well. RBOB; 3 Minto's Am Ch Ha'aretz Hayyim for Anacan.


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