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BUBA CH SHOW, 5th December 2009


PGD (1) 1 Crowfoot &Shukla's Kessem Yanis Orly, just 6 months, very shy but this is correct for the Standard. Handled by new owner who was very nervous but the puppy fits the Standard. Saw him moving later after judging & moving like a vet. So watch this one, very nice indeed. LD (1) 1 Hughes' Anacan Future Legend, very pleasing on the eye, good proportions & body tone, moved well. RBD. OD (2) 1 Hastings' Am/Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star, now 7 years this boy has so much confidence, good outline, correct in all body departments, moved with power & drive. BOB. Sorry did not stay; 2 Minto's Am Ch Ha'aretz Hayyim for Anacan, not long been in UK & normally shown by owner who was unable to be with us here. This boy is such a super prospect for this breed, has so much to offer, fits the Standard very well.

PGB (2,1a) 1 Collins' Danehaven Ashkezar, very pleasing, super dentition, correct for size, excellent condition, moved very well. RBB. LB (2) 1 Minto's Anacan Sheeza Gem, red, very correct black nails, super body, pleasing & balanced throughout. BB; 2 Powley's Anacan Maid For Glory at Danehaven, cream, very good outline, moved well. Between coats.

OB (3,1) 1 Hastings' Int/Lux/Ger/Dutch Ch Lorianna Lucky Star, 9 years, congratulations to owner. Super condition, moved very well; 2 Hastings' Lorianna Call Me Madam, 5 years, out of coat, a little unsure in this area of showing.

P JOLLEY (judge)



PD, PGD (0).

OD (3,1a) 1 Hastings' AKC/Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star Re, outstanding dog, in good coat & condition, nice wedge shape head, flat skull, ears correctly set, strong neck, chest deep, well sprung ribs, tailset & carriage correct, moved out well. BOB; 2 Minto's Anacan Masterpiece, nice dog of good size & balance, strong muzzle, good set of teeth, dark eye, correct neck & topline, well laid shoulders, muscular loins, neat feet, in good coat, moved true. RBD.

PB (0)

PGB (2) 1 Minto's Anacan Sheeza Gem, nice shape & size, just right for muscle & bone, pleasing in head, straight front, catlike feet, ribs well sprung, topline & tail set correct, in good double coat, moved well. RBB; 2 Byrne's Chefa de Solemel, nice bitch, correct in head, well set ears, neck flowing into layback of shoulder, tail set & carriage spot on, moved well.

OB (5,1) 1 Hastings' Lorianna Call Me Madam, lovely bitch, square of medium size, dark pigment, feminine head, level back, hindquarters strong, hocks well let down, used tail well when on the move, moved well; BB 2 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Chaniah de Solemel avec Nizzana, r/w, good bite, tight lips, dark almond shaped eyes, arched neck into level topline, in correct double coat, moved really well; 3 Coombes & Hastings' Lorianna I Will Survive.

Breeders - Hastings.




J (1) 1 Minto's Chancos Charmani at Anacan, well proportioned skull, low set ears, broad at the base & of medium size, black eye rims. Needs time to settle down in movement. Held topline & was in dense straight coat.

OD (4) 1 Hastings' Am/Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star Re, well balanced, square in outline, confident & alert in temperament, flat skull, balanced skull & muzzle, ears broad at base & set low, good expression, masculine outlook, well made overall, strong topline with withers defined, good tail carriage, coat dense harsh & straight with undercoat, moved well. BOB; 2 McLeod's Anacan Call Me Ishmael at Dunline, quality dog, dark almond eyes, dense black eye rims, lips tightly fitting & well pigmented, ears low set on, good overall conformation, good muscular thighs, coat straight harsh & dense. RBD; 3 Minto's Am Ch Ha'aretz Hayyim for Anacan.

OB (5,3a) 1 Minto's Anacan Sheeza Gem, feminine but strongly made, square, excellent topline & withers defined. Just not using her tail on the move. Good overall conformation, broad thighs, hocks well let down, moderate bone, coat harsh dense & straight, feminine head, eyes dark, ears low set. BB; 2 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay'sd Chaniah De Solemel avec Nizzana, square, good topline. Not using her tail on the move. Dark eyes, ears medium set, good pigmentation, good chest, ribs & loin. RBB.


MANCHESTER CH SHOW, 17th January 2009


My preference is for dogs to be moved on a loose lead they are a natural breed.

JD (0). PGD (1) A. OD (3,1) Only 2 males here & 2 good ones, both clearly enjoying their time in the ring which does not conflict with breed temperament requirements. 1 Hastings' Am/Lux Ch Lorianna Sirius Star, very good mature sand, in good coat who fills the eye, good head, more positive in front than 2, firm shapely body, good sweep of stifle, broad thigh, very good type, size & shape, has most of the essentials plus the confidence & carriage required by the standard, presented to advantage. Our top dog of 2008 & on this showing likely to repeat the achievement. I was pleased to start his '09 with BOB; 2 Rogerson & Hastings' Lorianna Light My Fire, quality example of the breed, good size & shape, stacks up well, level topline & good tuck-up, attractive masculine head though a little more stop than the ideal. Good mouth & strength to muzzle, lovely pigment, presented in good coat & body, moves out with enthusiasm, pleasing carriage of his brushed tail & good use of ears & neck. RBD

JB (2) Two imports who are welcome additions to our numbers. 1 Kaye, Byrne & Barclay's Chaniah De Solemel avec Nizzana, decidedly feminine but with good bone. Pleasing expression though for me needs a touch more strength of foreface & width of skull. Balanced, straight front, enough rib & good tuck-up, moves with a lightness of gait & pleasing demeanour. Took the class on the go round; 2 Minto's Chancos Chamani at Anacan, making a good debut here & pushing 1 all the way. Appeals at first glance with her very dark points against a pale self-coloured head, good eye & mouth, clean shoulder, straight front, well proportioned but with withers & topline still to settle. Lively mover on good feet. Just needs to learn the ropes.

PGB (3) 1 Minto's Anacan Sheeza Gem, the most promising bitch I have seen in some time. She has a way to go yet as I'd like to see her drop in stifle & brisket & her immaturity is evident in her forehand. Good head, correct ear & eye, excellent mouth, enough jaw, clean throat, straight front, good feet, firm in body, sufficient tuck-up, firm rearquarters, shown in really good hard condition, excellent muscle, hard coat & correct pigmentation & has that most important virtue type. Given a little time & correctly presented she will make her mark. BB; 2 Powley's Anacan Maid For Glory at Danehaven, good to go over, wedge head, arched neck, ribs good for spring & depth. Not in her best coat & could not match the outstanding condition of 1; 3 Gold's Anacan Shoshannah for Amicitia. OB (1) 1 Powley's Anacan Sheer Elegance, larger bitch of some type & substance, wedge head, good coat & correct tailset & brush. Did not stack up too well but improved on the move where she is a happy shower on good feet. My own preference is for more femininity & leanness. RBB.

Breeders Minto.

JAN McLEOD (judge)

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