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We were late in the day by the time this breed started. The warm sun was to everyones liking, but I am afraid the wind kept catching my skirt, for which I apologize. For some reason, when I looked at the layout of the show map, I thought our ring was inside a building, otherwise I would not have worn the skirt I did on the day!

I was looking for a dog that would survive in the desert, and was horrified at the number of dogs (almost all in the entry) which had pasterns and feet that needed strengthening. I do hope with this spell of good weather this means you will get out and walk your dogs. Some coats were on the blow, but this is typical for the time of the year, so I took that into consideration. Other coats were for me, almost too heavy, standing out and thick, seeming to belong to another artic spitz breed, or is this just the way it was prepared for exhibition? Far too many of the dogs were moved at too high a speed for gaiting around the ring. In my opinion, the energy the dog would use in the desert would be involve a more conservative nature and steady gait, not something trying to outdo a Standard Poodle in the show ring! Yes, they need to show energy, but not at a break neck speed. This, in turn affected so many of the dogs gait, with very narrow back action and out at elbows as they came back to me. With a downhil ring, several placements were affected from this problem. Adolescent dogs were just that, will look forward to seeing them in a years or so time when they grow up mentally.

JD/B: 1, OLoughlin's Babrees Desert Orchid via Caoilta 11month old sand dog that really took my eye for excellent balance, breed type, conformation, outstanding head and expression. Best Puppy and RBD. Just needs time to mature, I will watch his progress with interest.; 2, Mintos Anacan Sheez the One. Very feminine expression, overall vg balance. Excellent eye, skull and ear. VG front. Needs more time and confidence.; 3, Terrys Babrees Desert Song.

OD: 1, Mintos Anacan Ziggy, almost 7 yrs dog with excellent breed type in body shape, bone, angulation, topline and movement. When gaited slower, was much better. Has the desired eye for placement, shape and pigmentation. BD and in the challenge, preferred his side gait for BOB.; 2, Hastings' Nizzana Hadad for Lorianna, extremely mature 22 month old black dog with quite a lot of coat, body and head. Moves extremely well in all directions, probably the best mover in the entry. Tends to stand a shade narrow in front. Would like a darker eye to enhance expression.; 3, Mintos Anacan Masterpiece.

OB: 1, Terrys Babrees Bethea Batyam, 5 yr. Old black and white bitch with excellent overall body proportions and angulation. VG conformation, bone, legs and feet. Fairly compact. Would like darker eyes and a slightly longer muzzle for optimal expression. Moves very well. BB/BOS.; 2, Mintos Anacan Glory Bound;, 2 yr. Feminine bitch with excellent breed type, lovely head, nice overall outline, but needs maturity to balance her proportions out. One of the few with the correct eye shape but would like a darker colour. When slowed down moved quite well. 3, Hastings Lorianna Lucky Star.

Mary Deats (judge)



I felt honoured to draw such a quality entry of dogs for my first judging appointment in the breed. I found them all to be well presented and all had sound temperaments. None backed away from me. It was a pity that we weren't judged outside as movement was a little difficult to assess in the small indoor ring.

JD/B (Enries: 1) Abs:0
1st & BP: Minto's ANACAN SHEEZ THE ONE - 11-month sand with typical head and eye. Good front construction, correct feet. Well made rear with well let down hocks, moved out well. One to look out for!

PGD/B (Entries: 4) Abs: 2
1st: Hasting's NIZZANA HADAD FOR LORIANNA - Difficult decision as these two were so different. Well muscled black male. Impressive standing and on the move. Good head, eye and bite. Short coupled, light on his feet and had enormous presence.
2nd: Mills' ANACAN NICK NACK - A lot to like about the B/W/G male. Has a look of quality and was easy to fault. Could well have better days.

OD/B (Entries: 7) Abs: 2
1st & BOB: Minto's ANACAN ZIGGY - Black & white male with gold markings. Excelled in movement here today. Typical Canaan all through, from his correct wedge shaped head and well set ears to his well carried brush.
2nd: Hastings' ANACAN FOREVER AMBER WITH LORIANNA - Res BOB. Exquisite sand bitch with a superb outline. Everything about her oozes quality, each part of her flowing neatly into the next. Thought at first she was my winner, but not liking the hall as musch as my 1st. Shown in super condition. I loved her.
3rd: Minto & Gold's ANACAN MASTERPIECE - Another sand. All male and very typical. Lots to like and little to fault.

Julie Carter (judge)

By Avi Marshak, FCI International All Breeds Dog Judge

I had the pleasure to judge the native breed of my country, Israel. To tell the truth I was surprised to find out that 24 dogs were entered in this show. In my country we get smaller entries.

It was a challenge to judge again this breed outside Israel. So far I have judged this breed in the following countries: Finland, Italy England and the USA.

More than 10 years ago I saw the breed in the UK, unofficially, and I can say that the quality was improved. To start with I may say that the type was correct. In general most of the dogs were square and several bitches were a little longer in bodies and this is according to the standard. The substance was medium, not too heavy and not too elegant but somewhere in between, and I was pleased to see it. Last time the dogs and the bitches were long bodied heavy and coarse without any elegance. Heads were correct with blunt shape appearing broader due to low set ears. Backs could be straighter. In several cases I saw swayed backs.

The temperament of the Canaan is very complicated especially for the non-specialist judges. I had to withhold on three dogs that were a little shy. However, in general the temperament was solid.

My BOB was a bitch from the Post Graduate Bitch:
(Babrees Benjamin D`Israeli x Layla Me Shaar Hagai)
Breeder: Mr I & Mrs. J Terry.
Owner: Mr D & Mrs. H Braddock.
A square bitch, well balanced and correct proportions with correct bones and substance, correct head appearing broader to low set ears, straight top line, medium angulations, correct coat and colour could have more drive in motion.

The Res.Best Bitch came from the Open Bitch:
(The Lion of Judah at Anacan x Momaavega The chosen One of Anacan)
Breeder: Mrs E M Minto.
Owner: Miss Lorna Hastings
A very elegant bitch. I would like to see more body on her. A little long in body. Correct top line, medium angulations, correct coat and colour and she moved like a dream.

The Best Dog came from the Open Class:
ANACAN ZIGGY (Gvir Me Shaar Hagai at Anacan x Minto`s Libyan Jewel)
Breeder: Mrs E M Minto
Owner: Mr Richard & Mrs Ellen M Minto
A very impressive male, very masculine, well-balanced, correct substance, correct proportions, strong masculine head, medium angulations, correct topline. Could have better colour. Very fluid movement with strong topline.

The Res. Best Dog was:
(The Lion of Judah at Anacan x Kibutzer Kween in Kofyn)
Breeder: Mrs. E M Minto
Owner: Mrs. E Minto & Mrs Barbara Gold.
A very elegant male with corrects proportion, good mover.

The Best Veteran was:
(Sivan Me Shaar Hagai x Minto`s Libyan Jewel)
Breeder: Mr Richard Minto
Owner: Mrs Ellen Minto
Almost 9 years old male with good condition and correct proportion.

If we look at the names of the winners we can see that the kennel ANACAN dominated the ring with excellent quality.

I would like to thank the exhibitors who supported the show and came to show under me and showed a great sportsmanship.

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