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The UK is the only country in which Canaan Dogs are recognized but not given championship status. With no CC's on the cards for the foreseeable future, the Canaan Dog Club of the United Kingdom has decided that as part of its 20th anniversary celebration it would award club championship titles to those Canaan Dogs which have fulfilled the requirements at the time the owner(s) were club members i.e. 3 Best of Sexes won at championship shows with breed classes, or won at the Club's own show. These awards have been given retrospective to the Club's beginnings in 1992 and will be ongoing until that time the Kennel Club decides to grant championship status to the breed.

The first 23 dogs to achieve their championship title were announced at the Club's AGM on the 26th February. Listed in order of the year in which they completed their title by dog's name, name of owner(s) and date on which they completed their championship requirements, they are:

1. Kensix Khameshee, M. Cording & M. MacPhail 14th Jan 1993

2. The Lion of Judah At Anacan, E. M. Minto 8th Aug 1998
3. Kibutzer Kween In Kofyn , M. Presland & M. Vincent - 6th Dec 1998

4. Mornavega The Chosen One of Anacan, E. M. Minto 14th Mar 1999
5. Anacan Ziggy, R & E. M. Minto 4th Dec 1999

6. Layla me Shaar Hagai, I & J Terry 29th May 2000

7. Anacan Forever Amber With Lorianna, L. Hastings 14th Sept 2001

8. Tzel Schacmac Among Caoilta, P. O'Loughlin 18th May 2002

9. Nizzana Hadad For Lorianna, L. Hastings 11th Aug 2003

10. Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta, P. O'Loughlin 7th May 2004
11. Lorianna Lucky Star, L. Hastings 7th May 2004
12. Anacan Masterpiece, R & E. M. Minto 14th July 2004

13. Lorianna Call Me Madam, L. Hastings - 7th July 2006
14. Lorianna Sirius Star, L. Hastings 14th July 2006
15. Anacan Sheer Elegance, C. Powley & E. M. Minto 15th Sept 2006
16. Anacan Touch of Class, D & J Close 8th Oct 2006

17. Lorianna I Will Survive, S. Coombes & L. Hastings 12th May 2008
18. Lorianna Light My Fire, J. Rogerson & L. Hastings 4th July 2008

19. Anacan Shoshannah For Amicitia , P & B Gold 15th Aug 2010

20. Anacan Issachar, E. M. Minto 21st Jan 2011
21. Anacan Glory Bea, E. M. Minto 13th Mar 2011
22. Anacan Maid For Glory At Danehaven, C. Powley 20th May 2011
23. Anacan Sheeza Gem, E. M. Minto 2nd Aug 2011

24. Anacan Happy Anni, E. M. Minto - 7th August 2012
25. Chaniah De Solemel Avec Nizzana (Imp Fra), I. Kaye, A, Byrne & A. Barclay - 14th Oct 2012

26. Am CH Ha'Aretz Hayyim For Anacan - 8th March 2013

27. Nizzana Yoomee Lorianna, Hastings, Kaye, Byrne & Barclay Manchester 17th Jan 2014

28. Anacan Glory Road, E. M. Minto - 8th Mar 2015

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